Ecoware-750ml box with lid (Pack of 25)

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  • Ecoware-750 MI Box with lid, made from environmentally friendly sugarcane bagasse is stronger and attractive than Polystyrene. They are clean and bright in appearance and have superior strength. They are biodegradable, compostable, and eco-friendly, and can be used to pack Burgers, Curry, Chips, Sandwich, Salads, and so on. 

    It is an eco-friendly alternative to disposable plastic tableware and is sustainable, renewable, and durable. It is Microwave (+140 C) as well as Refrigerator (-20 C) friendly and can be used for hot and cold foods. They are sturdy enough to carry food while transport. 

    Sustainability is at the heart of our designs and none of our products come at the cost of the environment. Our processes, materials, designs and ideas are an expression of love for Mother Nature. 

    Our tableware is easy to dispose of, food-safe and sustainable. From casual to formal, dining to entertaining, it is a perfect fit for everyone’s personal style. 

    Ecoware products are ultra-cool, modern, and a popular choice for ecoware consumers. Ecoware products are an easy and affordable way to stop using plastic. Ecoware Tableware is a small and easy change to start with. 

    A unique combination of flexibility and convenience of disposability with the durability and benefit of being fully biodegradable helps to nurture nature rather than harming it. 

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