The Best Eco-friendly tips to Celebrate a Sustainable Christmas

The Best Eco-friendly tips to Celebrate a Sustainable Christmas

Christmas celebrations, the season of twinkling lights, and a celebration of humanity and mankind are on. It is more than just a big day. It is all the little things that make it extra special.

This festive season is the time when most of the shops get decked up to do a brisk business and offer mega-discounts and sales. It brings enormous joy with all your friends and families spending time together, presenting and receiving gifts, eating lots of delicious food and more.

But, it is also the time when our plastic footprint goes beyond the roof. Unfortunately, this happiness is paired with an enormous degree of the waste that we create during the festivities.

Unknowingly or even consciously, we celebrate Christmas that can have a devastating impact on the environment. From a Christmas tree, party decorations, crackers, plastic toys and food packaging to gift wrapping, it almost became a battle to avoid plastics. A single day of your celebration filled with happiness and joy leaves a long-lasting impact on our planet all year round.

Do you think your happiness and joy for a day are worth damaging the planet?

Obviously, the answer is a big NO.

Avoiding plastics for celebrations don’t compromise your happiness. You can still celebrate Christmas with all your needs in an eco-friendly way and enjoy the festive season while showing our environment a little bit of kindness. Every little step you make will make a big difference in reducing environmental footprint during the festive break.

Here are some simple and easy hacks for the eco-friendly Christmas celebrations.

Use Eco-friendly Christmas Trees:



Almost 8 million trees are cut down during Christmas season. Ever realized that we are killing the age-old trees in just a second for our happiness. It’s time to rethink of life that gives us life.

Recycling the trees and ensuring that it will be shredded and returned to the earth is or using an artificial tree (made of non-plastic) and aiming to use it for at least 10 years is a better option to offset the environmental damage.

Be Creative and Go Natural with your decorations:

Get creative with the resources, you have at your home. You can find many newspapers and the waste thrown like your kid’s pens, refills, pencils and much more, with which you can decorate your home in a beautiful way.

Does it sound funny? It may, but just try it once. You would save your budget and love the décor too.

Opting paper decorations will mean less use of plastics. They can also be composted or recycled and are a great way to achieve a plastic-free Christmas.

Decorate your Christmas tree and branches with the old greeting cards.  Lovely decorations will give your tree a handmade feel and eco-friendly charm.

Store the décor and Reuse:

Don’t throw your decorative items. Store and retain them in a box, so that you could reuse them for your next celebrations. By doing this, you are not only minimizing the plastic footprint but you are also increasing your happiness with your loved ones by working together.

Bring your own Re-usable shopping bags:

Stay away from the plastic bags. Use a reusable bag for your Christmas shopping to avoid unnecessary plastic ones. A variety of eco-friendly bags like partition bags are available to make you comfortable while buying loose fruits and vegetables and are also cost-savvy. Opt for it, save your time and of course it saves the planet and environment.

Avoid purchasing and gifting the sweets packed in plastic. Put the homemade foods on a tray with a crotchet cloth and give it around the neighbourhood and share the health and happiness.

Give thoughtful gifts which are plastic-free:

This Christmas, treat your friends and family with meaningful gifts. Thinking to gift your nearest and dearest ones that they actually use? Then, considering a reusable water bottle, coffee cup, straw or food container or bamboo products might be the best idea. By gifting plastic-free gifts, you are actually creating awareness about saving the earth from the hazardous plastic pollution.

Buy Reusable Wrapping paper:


Everyone loves sparkle at Christmas. Glittery wrapping paper might look appealing, but what many of us don’t realize is that many wrapping rolls contain non-recyclable elements like foil, glitter or plastic. Try wrapping gifts in cardboard boxes with a beautiful ribbon tied on it instead of using a sticky tape.

Avoid disposable plastic Cutlery:


Even though it’s hard to avoid the convenience of dreaded plastic plates and cutlery for your celebration, here is a way to avoid plastic cutlery. Use eco-friendly tableware, that are plant-based wares and bowls which can be easily washed, reused, recycled and composted as well.

Check out ecoware cutlery you might need for the day at

Choose Eco-Conscious Christmas crackers:

Single-use crackers are filled with useless plastic toys and gimmicks creating a lot of air pollution harming the health of your family. Traditional Christmas crackers can come in handy but if you’re consciously trying to reduce your use of plastic, it’s worthwhile investing in reusable Christmas crackers. 

So go right ahead and order the compostable food wrappers, purchase eco-friendly packed food, seek out eco-friendly Christmas decorations and start buying sustainable gifts.

A few little changes of yours will make a large difference. Help us to reduce the amount of single-use plastic waste produced this Christmas.

Try and go as ‘plastic-free’ as possible this Christmas!


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