Ecoware-square tray (Pack of 25)

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Ecoware Square Tray is an eco-friendly alternative for disposable tableware. It comes with rounded edges with a depth of 1 inch, which makes it perfect for serving Samosas and Street food snacks at functions and parties to guests.

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Made from materials Sugarcane Bagasse, Ecoware Square Trays are sustainable and renewable. Ecoware Square Trays are durable, biodegradable and compostable. It is Microwave (+140 C) as well as Refrigerator (-20 C) friendly.

This versatile Ecoware product can be used for all hot or cold foods like chips, street food, nachos, salads or fried treats and also can be used to retail vegetables and meat at the supermarket. Ecoware Square Tray is a safer and healthier replacement to Plastic, Styrofoam or Aluminium containers.

Easily decomposable, compostable and with absolutely no chemicals, Ecoware Tableware is an attractive alternative to plastic tableware, which is quite popular among people who follow an eco-friendly and a sustainable lifestyle.

Ecoware products are an ultra-cool, modern, and a popular choice for eco-friendly compostable tableware consumers. Ecoware products are an easy and affordable way to stop using plastic. Ecoware Tableware is a small and easy change to start with.

A unique combination of flexibility and the convenience of disposability with the durability and benefit of being fully biodegradable, it helps nurture nature rather than harming it.

As it’s made from Sugarcane bagasse, it can be easily Composted at home. It acts as a carbon/brown to the green to absorb moisture and accelerate the composting process

Buy Eco-friendly Ecoware Square Tray.



  • Depth: 1″
  • Sides: 6″
  • Rounded edges
  • Pair this with our Square bowl
  • Great for Samosa and Chaat snacks
  •  Brand: Ecoware
  •   Model Name: Ecoware Square Tray
  •  Type : Snacks Cutlery
  •  Colour: White
  •  Shape: Square
  •  Depth: 1 Inch, Sides: 6 Inches
  •  Material: 100% Natural Plant Biomass
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