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Infused with active microbes, COMPOSMART 900gm BRICK helps you convert your kitchen waste into manure over a span of one month in a small bin.

COMPOSMART 900gm BRICK works well with DIY Composting Kits. It is a natural deodorizer, it absorbs moisture and ensuring no foul smell and flies near your bin.

Buy  COMPOSMART BIN, the go-to brick compost maker.

No smell, no flies, easy composting microbes

Helps composts veg,non-veg, cooked, uncooked and food of all types

Contains different types of microbes to compost all food types and cocopeat to absorb extra moisture

Meant only for aerobic composting

It is different from gardening cocopeat which contains no microbes


Step 1: Powdering Composmart Bricks

Soak the Compost Maker Block in Water (4 ltrs) for a minimum of 3 hours. Once the block has soaked up all the water, crumble it to form a powder. Store this powder in any container or bag.

Step 2: Layering Technique

Set up the 3 tier Composmart Bin and add the powder till the cavity of the bin. Add daily kitchen waste such as fruit and vegetable peels, leftover food scraps, used tea/coffee grounds, crushed eggshells, strained sambar and rasam (Anything Solid).

Thumb Rule: it is estimated that 400gms of Wet Waste is generated per family of four in a day.

Step 3: Cyclic Process

The Topmost bin will be filled in 15 to 30 days according to the thumb rule. Move the topmost bin to the bottom and the middle will go to the top. Once the middle in the top gets filled, move the lowermost bin to the top.

In this process, the age of the topmost bin will be 45-60 days and it becomes carbon-rich manure which can be used to develop soil.

It’s a cyclic process and to get the finer output, sieve the manure. Whatever is left out, post sieving can be added back as a layer back in the bin and can be added as a layer mixed the with the powder at 30:70 ratio


Brand: Composmart Brick

Quantity: 1 no.

Used For: Composting (acts as carbon to absorb moisture)

Type: Cake

Container Type: Brick Packed in Brown Cover

Storage Condition: Store in cool and dry place

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