Manjhli/Manjal Composting Kit

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Manjhli is an Aerobic Composting Kit that converts your kitchen waste to compost. Can take a month's kitchen waste generated by a family of two. It is a 30 litre plastic bin with 5 mm holes for aeration.

Available also as a kit with the compost maker blocks, palak(spinach) seeds and neem powder. Once your Manjhli bin is filled to the brim, you can add another Manjhli/ Bhadki Bin depending on your requirement. We recommend that you choose the second bin once you get a hang of the aerobic composting process and have a fair idea of the amount of kitchen waste generated per month in your household.

Manjhli Kit :

30 litre bin with lid – 1

16 inch bottom Plate - 1

Stonesoup Compost Maker Blocks: Medium (900 gm) - 2.

Optional Add-Ons:

8 litre bucket with lid – 1

50 gms Neem Powder and Spinach Seeds

Dimensions of Manjhli Bin: 16" * 16" * 22", Diameter - 16inches

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