Composmart 66L Bin

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COMPOSMART 66L BIN is an Aerobic Bin Composting Kit that converts your biodegradable kitchen waste into compost. Adopting Nature’s Technology, convert your Kitchen Waste into manure in just 4-6 weeks.

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Apt for Small Offices and Independent Homes, COMPOSMART 66L BIN is one of the smartest, easiest, and hygienic methods of composting. 

COMPOSMART 66L BIN is unbreakable, light-weight, easy to lift and move around. It helps you transform your food waste into manure for a healthy and fertile soil.

COMPOSMART 66L BIN gives you good quality organic manure or compost which is perfect for ornamental, flowering as well as vegetable plants.

Buy  COMPOSMART, the best compost bins for home!

Designed to compost Kitchen Waste

COMPOSMART 66L BIN composts all kitchen and organic waste into rich compost in just 4 to 6 Weeks with cooked or uncooked foods, fruits, and vegetable peels, tea bags (paper ones with the string and stapler pin), flowers, etc. Just make sure you use Compost Maker Powder generously to cover your waste for a hassle and foul odor-free composting.

Designed for effective aeration

Breathers regulate moisture and airflow optimally. A lack of oxygen causes the release of ammonia and hydrogen sulfide which are smelly gases. COMPOSMART 66L BIN composting is smell free, the breathers and Compost Maker Powder provides air gaps for oxygen and absorbs moisture.

Simple one-step aerobic process

COMPOSMART 66L BIM follows a 1 Step Aerobic process of Composting. You just have to put in your Organic waste and cover it with Compost Maker Mix Powder every day, and let Nature do its Magic. No hassle of removing the compost midway, transferring it to bags and allowing it to cure. You can remove the final compost, only when it's completely done. The Compost can be fed to plants by mixing with the existing soil.


You can add

  • Vegetable and Fruit Waste
  • Paneer and Cheese
  • Tea Leaves and Coffee Grounds
  • Non-vegetarian food with bones
  • Garden Clippings
  • Flowers
  • Tissues used in Kitchen

You cannot add

  • Alcohol or Water (no liquids)
  • Stickers on food, Corner tips of Milk Packets (no plastics)
  • Foil Containers (no metals)
  • Broken Tea Cups (no ceramics)
  • Human or Pet Hair or Waste (no house sweepings)
  • Coconut Shells (tender or mature, takes too long unless shredded and treated)
  • Soaps/ Cosmetics? Medicines
  • Kitchen Sponges and Scrubbers
  • Batteries, Blade, Glass
  • Compostable Napkins and Bags


Move the TOPMOST bin to the BOTTOM and MIDDLE will go to the TOP.

Once the MIDDLE bin in the TOP gets filled, move the LOWERMOST bin to the TOP

In this process, the age of the TOPMOST bin will be 45-60 days and it becomes carbon-rich manure which can be used to develop soil.

It’s a cyclic process and to get the finer output, sieve the manure. Whatever is left out, post sieving,  can be added back as a layer back in the bin and mixed with the powder at a 30:70 ratio.


Brand: Composmart

Material: Plastic (not single-use)

Colors: Green, Blue

Size: 66L

Package Contents : 

1. 3 Bins with Holes

2. 3 Rings

3. 1 Bottom Ring

4. 1 Lid

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