Aaditi -Community Composter

Tax included

Aaditi - Benefits

  • Ergonomically designed for easy handling of waste ensuring that waste need not be lifted above waist level.
  • Shredded waste composts faster but in the event of non-availability of a shredder, works perfectly fine if the waste is not shredded. 
  • Designed for hassle-free harvesting of compost. Just drop aside and shovel compost directly into sacks or drums. No need to lift.
  • No need for cemented floor or covered roof. Can handle heavy rains. Place it in the ornamental or in your herb garden, next to security desk, near the dog house or near each block. 
  • This versatile bin can be used for Vermicomposting too.


Aaditi 800 -  24”X32”X26”

Aaditi1200 - 32”X40”X34”

Aaditi 1500 - 40”X48”X36”

Non-essential Additionals Will Be Charged Extra*

  1. Lid = Rs. 2,500/-
  2. Partition = Rs. 2,100/-
  3. Compost Maker Brick Sacks (6): = Rs. 2100
  4. Cocopeat sacks (7): = Rs. 1600

Inclusive of taxes

Transportation of composters and consumables are extra.

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