Edible Spoons

  • Why Edible Cutlery..?
    • This innovation of edible cutlery was drawn from the following concerns:
      1. Depletion of groundwater can be arrested by creating markets for less irrigation demanding crops such as jowar (sorghum). The edible cutlery is made from flours of this crop.
    • 2. Demand for power from the agriculture sector does not commensurate its contribution to the GDP and on the contrary is creating pressures on other sectors, notably on the manufacturing sector. This is largely because of the faulty crop choices. This initiative could help in triggering the right crop mix (even districts with scanty rainfall are registering increasing trends in water guzzling rice crop).
    • 3. The demand for plastic cutlery is increasing over the days. Plastic, a petroleum by-product is more harmful to human body because of the presence of several toxins and carcinogens. Its application as food consumption utensil enhances the chances of these chemicals to get into the human system.
  • What Edible Cutlery..?
    • 1. Our Edible Cutlery/cholamspoons is meant to be eaten after use. If you do not want to eat, simply throw it away. Insects and stray animals will eat them up or they will degrade naturally in less than three days.

      * These are made of flours. The flours are kneaded with plain water – no additional chemicals and not even preservatives. They are 100% natural and made under strict hygienic conditions. We have tried making them with various flours and closed on Jowar (so`rghum).
    • Why sorghum? We are making our products with sorghum, because, this crop requires hardly any irrigation. Therefore the raw material production will not cause pressures on groundwater. Sorghum is also highly nutritive.
    • Different spoons are available and its Sizes are as follows:

    • Lunch Spoons
  • Ingredients
    • These are made of various flours. Flavors can be added as per consumer’s choice like-hot n spicy, onion and tomato, garlic, ginger, spicy or sweet.

  • Hygiene standards
    • Being edible, manufacture of these products is restricted by the regulations laid under Food Safety and Standards Act. These will be strictly adhered to apart from ISO 22000

  • Nutri Facts
    • These Vary as per proportions of grain chosen (per 10 gram of edible cutlery)

    • GramsMicrograms
      Carbohydrates7.64Folic acid1.33
  • Edible Cutlery Vs Plastic cutlery
    • Plastic CutleryEdible Cutlery
      CostLow CostLow Cost

      Though easy causes harmful effects on environment

      Can be eaten after using it or can be left to decompose


      Leaves a bad taste when used to consume food

      Does not dominate the taste of the food being consumed


      Not good for the health (causes cancer, damages nervous tissue and is hormone-disruptive)

      Good for health when consumed after finishing the food (contains fiber, iron, protein, calcium, etc., in proper proportions)

      Effects on Environment

      When disposed, plastic is resistant to decomposition therefore takes long time to decompose

      Takes a lot lesser time to decompose and acts as a good fertilizer

      Energy used to produce

      Petroleum is used to produce plastic

      It is manufactured using flour of food grains.

    • Custom made sizes and shapes can also be created with a prior notice of 3 months to create drawings, dyes and moulds as specified. Additionally flavours and colours using vegetable pulp can be made with additional costs.
  • Our Standards (Eco friendly and disposable)
    • We are a 100% Export Oriented Unit (EOU) and we comply with ISO 22000. We follow the Food Safety Standards Act of Government of India.

    • 1. Water contamination- As hot and boiled water is used to make the products there is zero water contamination
    • Pest management- we have done pest control needed for food industry in factory premises.
    • Workers hygiene – The workers are free of skin and contagious diseases.
    • Work place hygiene – The workers are given aprons, gloves, face masks and head caps. The manufacturing unit are fully enclosed from all sides to avoid dust, insects and pollution as per norms.
    • Usage Instructions- Handle carefully, do not poke cutlery with force in food. Open the packet only when you are ready to consume most of the spoons or store in tight lid containers as they can become less crispy if exposed to moisture in atmosphere. Do not refrigerate. Do not throw packets as they can break inside.Do not wipe with cloth or paper napkin before use. Do not wash and reuse. Throw in mud or just in potted plants to decompose after use if you do not wish to eat it.

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    A perfect alternative for plastic spoons made from jowar(Sorghum) and natural flours. Suitable for hot,wet and liquid items. Nutritive,healthy and delicious too Range of spoons to go with all courses of meals Once its used , can be eaten or composted or disposed off with your food. Available in three different flavours

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